The 2,000' altitude flight provides enough free flight airtime after tow release to allow you to be "Pilot in Command" in order to have the experience of actually controlling a hang glider or you can have your instructor perform some exhilarating aerobatic maneuvers or just glide around pleasantly enjoying the sky. An exciting experience for the low price of   $120.

Option 2

The 4,000' flight provides enough free flight time to have a very memorable flight combining "Pilot in Command" experience AND the thrill of aerobatics. This flight will double the fun but not the price at   $195.

Option 3

​The Mile High. Yes, 5,280 feet of blue Arizona sky! All the unforgettable experience of the 4k with even more flight time and the amazing view of our amazing state from a mile above the ground. Dress a bit warmer for this flight priced at   $250.

Option 4

​A Mile High At Sunset! Unforgettable. What more can be said.   $295.


Sky Masters 

school of hang gliding